Can't delete calendar directory

I would like to install Wordpress on one of my domains but there is a directory called calendar that I cannot seem to delete.
It has an htaccess file and htaccess password file in it, neither of which I can delete either. I’ve read enough other posts to suspect it has something to do with WebDAV? don’t know much about that.

How do I get them out of there?

Thanks for helping out a novice!

If you did enable WebDAV, then you’ll have to turn it off in the Panel. Goodies-> htaccess/WebDAV. Go to that domain and see what’s listed.

And when all else fails, send a note to Support and ask them to change permissions so you can delete that directory and its contents.


Thanks Scott,
Per your advice, I checked to see if WebDAV was enabled on the domain -it isn’t, so next step is Support!


I just had the same problem with a former WebDAV directory. When you disable a WebDAV directory, it isn’t automatically deleted, and the user is still set to “dhapache” so you’re not allowed to delete it either.