Can't create new discussion list?

When I try to create a new discussion list on one of my domains, I receive the error, “Invalid: Password cannot be longer than 16 characters.” even though the password has fewer than 16 characters. (I also tried adding in both lower and upper case, as well as numbers, in case it just uses that as a generic response for ‘password rejected’.) Anyone know what’s up?

Whoops. We meant to add a limitation of 16 characters (since Mailman simply won’t accept longer passwords), but we messed up a little:

-       } elsif (length($pw1) gt 16) {
+       } elsif (length($pw1) > 16) {
                $errors->{'invalid_password'} = 'Password cannot be longer than 16 characters';

(If you don’t read Perl: This was comparing the length of the password to 16 as if it were a string, so passwords 2 – 9 characters long were inappropriately being rejected.)

So… um… yeah. That should be fixed now. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley: