Can't create mysql database

I just signed up today and have been playing around with my new account. Earlier in the day I successfully created and deleted a few mysql databases. But now when I try to create one I click the “Add new database now!” button and the page never changes. It stays in the state “Waiting for…”

I don’t see any outage notices, is this a known problem?

Jesse Grosjean (

probably a temporary error. Give it an hour or so and try agian.


I’ve been having problems creating a mysql database for the past several hours myself. Sent a ticket to support - hopefully it will be cleared up soon.

Also, just went to your site and saw the error message.

[quote]Currently, the username is username and the database server is localhost.


Not sure if you’ve done this, but make sure to change the server from localhost to whatever your database subdomain will be once you get it up and running (i.e.

It’s been down for me for quite some time, I think 4 hours maybe?

It’s 3AM (CST) and I still can’t create a database. With 729 open Support requests, I’m not even going to add mine to the mix.

It’s now after 4 AM on the East Coast and I can’t set up any databases.

This is really bad…

me too… i can’t access mysql menu at all now!

I have had the same problem with two seperate Dreamhost sites/accounts since last night (one of which has an existing database that’s working fine at the moment.) Seems to be a system-wide problem. I can get to the SQL page on the Control Panel, but I get the I.E. “page cannout be found” error screen whenever I try to create a new database. This does not happen until several minutes after I click the submit button.

I submitted a help request; does anyone know what’s going on?

I signed up here at DH last night and I couldn’t create a mysql database all night last night. It would just sit there without doing anything and stop at 50% loading.

Now this morning it gives the error:
INTERNAL ERROR CREATING DB: connect_admin failed for orangey:gunther. Please let support know!

I submitted a support ticket last night but haven’t gotten a reply… I hope everything’s ok.

Database funnies here too, unable to log in properly, failing to show data that was present earlier (it’s a gallery).

Tried to create another sql database a short while ago and got the error reported elsewhere in this thread: INTERNAL ERROR CREATING DB: connect_admin failed for orangey:gunther. Please let support know!

It seems reasonably obvious that something is going on, but this thread is the only clue it’s not just me. It would be so nice if the emergency status thing were updated, then I could simply give it a break, give support a break and go watch some TV. (Of course, I’m assuming someone is awake and on duty…).

bada bing!! Just created a sql database – success.

hey its fixed =D great!

Looks like server “orangey” is having problems today. A database that was working fine is now giving me a MySQL Errcode 28, which I’m told usually means it’s out of diskspace, when trying to add tables.

I’ve submitted a ticket, but there are over 900 in the queue…

Les Bessant
Losing it[1]

i got a reply back from them and we were right, they ran out of disk space, they cleared some up and it should be working fine now.

Anybody knows how to create another database?
I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about these things… but I just can’t seem to be able to create a database with DreamHost…

I managed to setup the main database at and now I want to add additional databases within… But can’t figure out how the hell too…

In cPanel, we could create multiple databases in the same site… what I mean is within “localhost” I could have 10-15 databases… is that not possible in DreamHost.

Meaning —> within can I not create multiple databases… do I have to setup a new sub domain every time… such as

I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to do… Any help will be greatly appreciated.

sorry, only one database per host name. You can’t create more than one database per Also, the search feature works - this has come up MANY times before.


Thanks for the help… And I actually did use the search function, couldn’t find anything… only thing that came close was this thread which is why I posted here… Aside from the attitude… Thank You