Can't Create E-mail address

Got the bugs worked out, and am generally happy with the two small sites we’ve moved over to DH.

Today I find that I can’t create a Fully Hosted e-mail address.

I click “Create New Email Address

I fill in the fields on the Fully Hosted E-mail form.

I click “Create Address” to submit the form.

And am bounced back to the main Manage E-mail page with nothing changed.

I also can’t edit forwarding e-mail addresses.

Am I missing some obscure DH step?
Problem solved (?) Once again it seems that I can do things using Firefox, but not Chrome.

Strange and annoying.

Do you, by any chance, have any unusual Chrome extensions installed? I wonder if you’ve got something that’s interfering.

Aha! Good guess. I cleared the entire browser history, cookies etc back to zero, with no effect.

I then worked through the (thankfully only) six plugins that I had installed.

It appears that the problem was caused by Open with Google Docs™ 5.0.0 Created by