Can't create admin user with Wordpress



I have one WordPress site. I added a second domain and created its own database. I installed WordPress on that database and received my “Success installing WordPress on your site!” email. However, when I click on the first link to set up my admin user, it doesn’t work. It says “connecting” for a while and then it says webpage cannot be found. What am I missing here?


Most likely DNS. If you just set the domain up with hosting it could take 4-24 hours or longer for the DNS to work.

If you registered the name elsewhere, or it’s one of the new tld’s you might need to set the nameservers.

If it still doesn’t work when you read this, post the domain name so we can poke around and see what’s wrong.


LakeRat is probably right, but as he mentioned - let us know the domain so we can check for you on our end. Thanks!