Can't create a new subdomain

Hi, I’m having problems setting up a subdomain for my website. When I fill out the domain and directory fields from the “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain” link and click submit, it doesn’t do anything - it just takes me back to the manage domains page. I don’t get a message of any kind and the subdomain doesn’t appear on the list. What’s going on? Is there a “right” way to do this or should I submit a support ticket?

Are you using Safari? If so, try Firefox (or some other browser), or repeat the process a second time in Safari (try the back button and re-submit).


I’m using Internet Explorer.

Do you already have a Fully Hosted domain here?


Yes, the domain itself is already up and running.

I’m surprised it showed no message after clicking the “Fully host domain now!” button. This is what you did in the top box for adding a new domain?

If you’d like to experiment, you can try creating a new test domain called (or something like that) and see if it shows up. If not, then contact support.