Can't create a database?

The Panel shows I’m creating databases without a problem but when I go to phpMyAdmin they aren’t there.

What’s going on?

Another thread said there’s a backlog of requests, so hold tight and it will show up soon.

That’s fine and I will have patience. The problems go a little deeper:

  1. The Panel shows the databases are available.
  2. One-click installs show operations have been performed on databases that don’t exist.

Interestingly, if I try to access the database using one hostname and user, I get ERROR 1045 (28000), but another hostname/user returns ERROR 1044 (42000).

I don’t mind a backlog, as long as I’m informed of the status.


The databases did show up after a long delay.

Again, I don’t mind the delay, but someone needs to look at the process that creates one-click installs because it was completely fubar. The panel should indicate whether databases are available or not - as from the panel it looks like they are clearly available even though they cannot be used.

Otherwise the immediate issue is closed.