Can't connect

I use Filezilla to FTP files to my website. It’s worked flawlessly for years on my XP machine. I have a new Windows 8 laptop and I can’t connect to the Dreamhost server. I enter the same settings I use on my XP computer.

check again, there no reason it won’t.

What happens when you try or what error do you see?

Here’s what I get on Filezilla when I try to connect:

Error Could not connect to server
Status Waiting to Retry
Status Resolving address of
Status Connecting to…
Error Connection timed out
Error Could not connect to server
Something maybe important that I forgot to mention: My XP machine is hooked up to Comcast broadband. The laptop is accessing wi-fi from the same Comcast router.

Just noticed a typo: Dade.Dreamhost One period, not two.

Is the port number (last number after the colon) really showing up as “221”? It’s supposed to be 21. If that’s really how it’s showing up, check your FTP client settings.

Yes, it does show up as Port 221 on the new laptop. On the always reliable XP machine it shows as 21.

Where do I find FTP client settings?

You said you’re using Filezilla — I’m not personally familiar with that program, but there should probably be somewhere to enter/change the port number in the same place you entered the server name.

I contacted Dreamhost customer support and they suggested I change my password. I did that and it solved the problem. Thank you Dreamhost support!