Can't connect to server

This problem is baffling me. Not quite dreamhost specific, but I thought someone might be able to shed some light on this.

I now cannot connect to a site I’ve been working on through my browser or through ftp. None of the computers on our home network can. Other than my one site (hosted by dreamhost), the internet is working fine. I’m posting here because my browser says the server is not responding.

The website is easily reached at every other computer I’ve tried.

What could be preventing my computer from accessing ONE specific website. Comcast, Router, Web Hosting???


What’s the URL? How long have you had your domain hosted by DreamHost? Has it ever worked for you at home?

We usually blame DNS for lack of access while new domains propagate throughout the Internet. DNS propagation tends to take a few days.


It’s worth clearing your cache and trying again, but I’d place blame on DNS not having fully propagated yet.

Post the URL and others here can see if it’s working from our location - that might help trace down where the problem is.

–Matttail - personal website

What about the restart the router trick?

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