Can't connect to mysql server

I can’t connect to my newly created database altough it was created over 1 hour ago.

Could this be a propagation delay for ?


Only way to tell is to try looking that domain up in DNS - one way is use a browser and see if phpMyAdmin is working (ie http://hostname/ should prompt for username and password)

If you have shell, you can also try logging in and try to connect using mysql

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I tried to go to and it will ask nothing. It just come up with a browser error page as if there was nothing on the internet.

I’m starting to doubt the problems come from propagation. The domain is fully propagated so why would it only have trouble with mysql host ?

If the hostname doesn’t exist in DNS, then there was a problem adding it to the zone, and DH Support would have to fix that.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

I am experiencing the same thing. My phpBB was working fine yesterday but today I just get an error page when trying to logon to one of my databases on hefty. The one on the other server is working. I put a ticket in this morning but no response yet.