Can't connect to my ftp

Hi Guys,

I recently signed up for web hosting and i cant seem to login to my ftp

I have check the cookies situation on my Chrome browser but that didn’t solve it. I have also tried changing the password to my account but nothing is there something that im missing?

are the two thing Account password and ftp password the same thing? do i have to set up the ftp first before i use it.

Thanks for any help!

Hello clag_kent,

The information for you to connect via FTP is as follows:
Log into your panel and “manage accounts” under"Users" you will find your
username and server name.

we do have a computer generated password when you initially sign up, which could
be the cause of you not being able to access FTP. Under the option “edit” you can change the password.

Once you have changed the password you would go under “Manage domains” click WebFTP

Under “Host” you would enter the server name:
then your login (user) :
port: (Default) 21
then your new
password: {Your Password}*

If you can provide me with your domain I can try and access it on my end as well.

Let me know if this helps!


Daniela J.
DreamHost staff