Can't connect to instance

Hey all, I’ve got a very strange situation here. I can’t seem to connect to a DreamCompute instance when I create it from a snapshot.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Made a quick launch Debian 8 instance.
  2. Modify the instance to my needs.
  3. Shut down the instance
  4. Create a snapshot
  5. Go to the ‘Images’ tab, and create a new instance from the snapshot.

At this point, the instance comes up and starts running, but I can’t ping or login to it in any manner. I can go to the instance and see the log, so it has definitely booted but I can’t communicate with it at all. All attempts to ping or SSH to the machine fail. Any ideas what could be wrong?

I’ve figured out a workaround at least. For some reason, it seems like the networking doesn’t work properly when it first comes up. So the solution is to either re-start the VM(not feasible in my case, as I am automating the bringup of the VMs), or have a customization script that re-starts the network interface. In my case, since I’m using Debian, it looks like this:


ifdown eth0
ifup eth0