Can't add that domain

My affiliate is getting this message when trying to add his domain:

“Error! You can’t add that domain: Promotional and referral accounts are for new customers only. This domain was previously in our system and cannot be added to your promo or referred account. If you would like to upgrade to a full price plan, please contact support.”

What, apparently, lead to it was I opened my DH quite long time ago and very recently briefly used my affiliates’ domain on my account for some tests including an added mirror for external access but never transferred DNS. Then I deleted this “fully hosted domain” and, after that, he happened to use my affiliate link to open his new account. We need urgent answers to these questions:

  1. What is the “full price plan” the message contains? How can he “unblock” this state? BTW I do not want your commission if that is the problem behind all that.

  2. I would like to know what DH help page we could read to avoid all this confusion?

Please realize that the way that DH handles this scenario puts your clients like me at a legal risk: my associate can easily blame me now that my action blocked him from using his own domain name for days now because he did not get sufficient help from your tech support nor I got it here so far (I posted my comment to similar topic a few days ago but got no answer).

That’s kinda heavy for a forum. Try working through Support.

Hello eworkflow,

I am very sorry to hear about the issues you were having.

We have a block built in place to prevent customers from abusing some features of our hosting program. So if a domain is already in our system it would prevent someone else from adding it or continually opening up new hosting accounts. It is also a safety measure to ensure that no domains get transferred out without the owner’s consent.

The best way to avoid this is by making sure you delete any domains on your account that are not specifically linked to you.

If you have already deleted the domain setting from the panel the customer should have no problem setting up the account with their domain.

If this ever happens again we encourage you to use our ticketing system for internal support. I wish I could point you to an article with additional information but we don’t have much in the way since this is a very specific issue since every case is just a bit different.

I hope this info helps but if you have any additional questions let us know!


No, that is just your wishful outcome but it was not the actual one in our scenario: my associate is that domain’s owner and he was unable to use it on his DH account for days. Anyway, thank you for feedback.

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