Can't add that domain: already in our DNS system

Hello everyone, I hope that someone here will provide me with some guidance. I didn’t really want to post a “problem” as my first post here in the forums, but I do need help.

From the start.

Back last Sunday, DreamHost had a promo going on saying that I could use a voucher code “777” to get a good discount. Since my host (Network Solutions) hasn’t been the fastest and is more on the expensive side, I decided to go ahead and start the tiring process of moving between hosts.

I signed up, and put one of my domain names registered with GoDaddy as the domain name I’d like to use. The next thing I know, I’m in the panel and was wondering why the page didn’t give me the opportunity to enter it.

Must be a fluke, so I decided to cancel the account right away, and tried to re-initiate the process. It wouldn’t let me, so I had to use my second email address to register, and a different domain name this time.

Again, I was in the panel and the system didn’t let me put in a code.

Cancelled the account again and tried a third time, using my personal email address and a third domain name, and this time I was able to enter the code! Discount will be applied after two weeks when the trial period ends.

So I was a bit of a happy bunny. Even had a few emails sent to the DreamHost support team, which by the way, are very fast in responding.

Now here is where the pickle hits the banana. I then tried to “connect/attach” the initial domain name that I wanted to connect to DreamHost, with this new account and I get an error message saying that I can’t do it because the domain name is already within another account.

That was odd.

First, the domain name is not registered with DreamHost. It’s with GoDaddy. Second, I cancelled the account. It’s no longer there.

So I got in touch with DreamHost support and they initially told me that I had to remove the discount code and pay the full amount in order for me to use the domain name from the initial account I cancelled!

After several emails back and forth I was told that the domain names from the first two accounts I had already cancelled, were now deleted in the system.

That was good I though, took a few emails to get it sorted but its okay now. So I went ahead and tried to connect the domain names and now the error message states:

“Can’t add that domain: already in our DNS system”

So the email stating that the domains were already deleted in the system, were apparently not deleted on another system. I was told via email that in order for me to use other domain names I had to pay the full amount, and remove the voucher code, yet again.

So the feature of hosting unlimited domain names had a slight small print somewhere that I could not locate.

I then tried connecting a different domain name to the host to test out this logic, and it was painless. I now have two domains in the host, I just can’t use the two domain names I initially registered with, and had canceled since.

So what gives here? I have emailed them again about this and it’s over two days now, and have not received a reply about it. The last email I got I was advised that I needed to pay the full amount in order to do this.

This is just sad. The entire experience has fell short of my expectations regarding DreamHost.

I hope that there will be a kind soul that could give me a solution on this.

A disclosure on my end, I used to work for Network Solutions, hence me ending up on their servers, so I do know that my request of connecting the two domain names that were “linked” when I originally signed up should be possible.

Thanks in advance again to any who can help.

That was a long read, so I skimmed some of it, read the rest. Let me preface by saying that someone can set up a domain directory for a domain they don’t own. If nobody has already tried this, I could theoretically set up a fully hosted domain called If I happened to pick your domain just for kicks, it’ll be in the system and screw up the real owner should they be a DreamHost customer who wants to set up that domain here.

It sometimes takes time for a domain to fully clear out of the system. But my experience is just with a single account. Trying to switch a domain to a new account really throws things off since it’s automatically disallowed to prevent people from promo-hopping. Support would have to clear this part up if you can convince them that you’re a first time customer and the legitimate registrant of your domain.

I’m not sure what hidden print you’re referring to in regards to unlimited domains hosted. Setting up, then canceling and re-setting up an account really confuses the system.


That’s kinda sad. Of course, all the domains are owned by me, and a few others managed by me. Is it possible to MERGE the three accounts into one? Then again, the argument of “you have to pay full without a voucher code” might be thrown into the mix.

The guys at DreamHost have not yet responded to me. It’s been a few days now. :frowning: