Can't add new users

I currently have 1 of 75 users (SSH/FTP) and tried to add a new FTP user. I went to the panel > Users > Manage Users > Add New User. I filled in a username, my full name and a password. I pressed Add User and specified that I did not want to create a new email account. Then nothing happened.

Since I know that things can take time, I waited 24 hours and tried again. Still, nothing happened.

Do I something wrong? Or is it the server (ralphie)?

Try a different browser. I used to have problems using Safari where I’d click submit, and the screen returned, but nothing happened. Someone else had the same problem with IE, I believe. Firefox worked for both of us.

When you click Submit, the returning screen should have “Success! …” in green (or maybe red) text at the top.


Thank you.

I’m always using Safari and haven’t seen any problems before. I even set up my current user and removed an old one using Safari a couple of weeks ago. However Firefox worked this time.