Can't Add DreamHost Email Accounts fo Mac Mail


I’ve been trying to add my DreamHost e-mail accounts to Mac Mail on my iBook G4, but keep getting an error message:

"Trying to log into the POP server “” has failed. Please make sure the username and password are correct. If you continue, you may not be able to receive any email.

I know for certain that I have the correct e-mail address and password, because I logged into the DreamHost webmail to check that e-mail. I’ve been having nothing but problems trying to set up DreamHost e-mail in Mac Mail for along time.

Does anyone know what is going on? Could it be that DreamHost and Mac Mail are not compatible?

– vja4Him


For the user name, you must supply the m12345678. This is the same for all E-mail clients, windows or mac.

I should mention, if you don’t know this magical user name, you can find it in the panel > Mail > Manage Addresses.

–Matttail - personal website


I must be blind, but I cannot find “Manage Addresses.” How do I get there? Thanks.

– vja4Him


All I can basically do is restate what he said but with different formatting.
Go to:

  1. the dreamhost web panel
  2. click on Mail
  3. click on Manage Addresses


Thanks to the suggestions from everyone!! I have all six DreamHost e-mail accounts working now in my MacMail!! I have three IMAP and three POP accounts.

Not sure what difference it really makes though …

– vja4Him


The main difference is with IMAP the messages stay on the server. With POP, they download to your local machine. (There’s exceptions, options… but that’s the general difference.)


Some Mac IMAP tips:

  1. In for preferences in Accounts. Select the Advanced tab and tell Mail that the IMAP Path Prefix is INBOX
  2. Click the Drafts, Sent, Trash, and Junk folders (one at a time) and use the Mailbox Menu–>Use This Mailbox For> Drafts/Sent/Trash/Junk

I use IMAP for all of mine since I have a desktop and notebook that I like to have synced.



Hey, good tips! I’ve used Apple Mail with DreamHost since 10.0 and didn’t know those.