Can't add domain to host



I am trying to host a domain. This domain was recently hosted on another DreamHost server, and the owner of that hosting plan has allegedly relinquished the hosting of it. However, when I try to add the domain to be hosted, I get the following error:

Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission to add.

Any ideas?


it might be that it has not cleared out of the DNS system yet. How long ago was the domain removed? Perhaps wait upwards of five or six hours and then try adding it.

If not, it may be that you have to contact support, they may have some security feature in so that it’s difficult to steal a domain. Not sure about this part, just a guess.



Thanks Mattail!

It has been a day since the other person has removed the domain from their DreamHost hosting environment. It has been almost a week since the nameservers for the domain have been set to those of a different hosting company entirely. Now I want to host the domain on my own DreamHost hosting environment, but for some reason, I get this permissions problem.

Do the nameservers for the domain have to be set to ns* before I can add a domain name to the hosting environment using the control panel? I would have thought that would not matter to the panel code.

Very odd. I’ll contact support, I think.




Did you have this resolved…I am having the same issue.



Same problem too. Did you resolve it?

Karim Gorjux :cool:


You’ll have to ask Support to help out.

The reason you don’t have permission to add it is because DreamHost restricts internal hosting transfers of domains. This is to prevent people from getting a discount plan, then when that discount expires, set up another discount plan and move their domains there.