Can't add domain: already in our system

hi. Im having troubble adding a domain to my account. This domain was hosted at dreamhost then changed to bluehost then I want it back to dreamhost. What can i do?

the domain:

the error: Can’t add domain: already in our system.

If it’s not showing up in your panel already, then you’ll have to contact Support to have them clear it out. If it’s registered at DreamHost, then they won’t hassle you. Otherwise, be prepared to show proof of ownership of the domain name.


Scott gives good advice, but you should understand that if your account was created using a promo code this time around, you may well have a problem that DH Support can’t/won’t help you with.

Promo codes are a “one-time” benefit for “first time” DreamHost accounts only, and if you were in any way associated with that domain’s previous use on DreamHost, and have created a new account using a promo code discount upon returning from Bl*eHost, they may not be willing to "re-allow’ the use of that domain.

This is a procedure DreamHost feels in necessary to prevent people from continually using (abusing) promo codes to remain on a “disounted plan” perpetually, and has cone up here before. :wink:


And we can use promo code for other domain ?


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Promo codes are used to set up an account. Because of this, DreamHost won’t allow domain transfers between accounts.

The concern is that someone will dump their non-discounted plan and transfer their domains to a discount plan.


^ which needs to be addressed by dreamhost! I understand the ‘why’ it is not allowed. But, it could also be adjusted. Meaning, if one wants to transfer a domain to another account there should be some kind of ‘adjustment’ made to the account or both accounts, even if there is a fee or monetary adjustment to one or both accounts… but to just not allow one to not move a domain to/from accounts seems counter-productive and also a lost of revenue (keep in mind i said they should allow it while making proper monetary adjustments per account)
Lets say you were in the business of selling domains… and you chose to reg. ur domains through DH… then whomever bought a domain from you could never host it here? That doesn’t make sense for DH or the individual whose business is selling domains AND the person buying the domain! Especially when all DH has to do is figure out the $ gain/loss and make the option available on the panel with the gain/loss for each account involved.

It has been reported that, if you work with support on instances like this, they can often work something out.

I’ve never seen an instance where that was the case. The “trigger” seems to be hosting, not registering, a domain. Even if you did host it, you could avoid running afoul of this policy by simply making sure the “new” account was not created using a promo code. You could even make that part of the terms of sale of the domain, avoiding the issue altogether.

Again, if you have a particular issue, you should contact support about it and see what they are willing to do. I’m quite certain that if they are convinced that the move is not an attempt to “re-use” a promo account, they will find a way to facilitate you. :wink:


yea, im working on it right now… both accounts were already setup, so definitely not an attempt to get around/abuse promo codes. Hell, i’m ready to pay the fee or whatever the difference may be to get one domain from account to account.
My statement above wasn’t based around ‘not’ being ‘able’ to do it… it’s more so it should already be implemented (keeping the statement i made about monetary adjustment noted).

Splitting off from a friends account to my own fully paid $417/5 years
account, I deleted everything as instructed, but could not add
anything back, as it says I am “promo”… Now one hour ALL DOWN with
no fix from support.

OK, there was a hidden “referrer” that had to be cleared off.

y ur not saying that u moved one hosted domain from one account to another account… both having been created with a promo code?

It sounds more like what he was saying was that it wasn’t working, even without a promo code, because there was a referrer cookie in play… :wink:


Yes, they fortunately deleted the referrer so I was able to proceed to install back all my sites and finally leave the terminal after only two hours of suspense.