Can't add domain: already in our system

“Can’t add domain: already in our system”

It’s not too big of a problem, since my father’s account has this domain hosted currently. So I can probably have him remove it, and then I’ll add the domain in my panel… that should work right?

But I’m trying to minimize downtime while I build a totally new website for that domain using my own account. I suppose I could upload the old website files before I build it… ugh.

Just an odd little error, and I’m hoping that I won’t get that error again after the domain is removed from dad’s account! incase someone sees this that has superhero powers and can switch something easily :smiley:


He is going to make a quick back-up (i wasn’t looking forward to FTP) so we’ll see soon what happens…

When you add a new domain in your panel, the system makes sure it’s not already been entered. This is because (among other things) the system puts in DNS entires to point that site towards the machine it will be hosted on. So obviously the same domain can’t be in there twice.

If you wait a few hours after removing the domain from your fathers account you should be able to add it - however this doesn’t always work. You may need to contact support.

It’s also possible you could just start by contacting support and they’d be able to do the move for you with less trouble then doing it on your own.

–Matttail - personal website

In addition to the excellent information mattail provided, one potential problem is that, if your father’s account was created using a promo code, and so was yours, DH’s methods of insuring that promo codes are used only once per customer might get in the way.

At present, they will not assign a domain from an account that has used a promo code to another account that used one (this is to prevent a user from closing an account at the end of a year, and then opening a new account with a promo code and continuing to host the same domain at yet another reduced “1st time customer” price).

If any of this applies, I suggest you contact support about it right away, explain the situation, and see what they can do to help you.


“however this doesn’t always work”

hehe that’s what I’m thinking about

well I’ll find out in a few hours then maybe. I don’t want to bug support until there is an actual problem… i figured if they’re bored they might keep tabs on these forums.


I know my account was created using a promo code to get dad some referral money… not sure on his. I guess I’ll send support an email.

Thanks for the quick help Matttail & rlparker!


Dad deleted that domain and now when I try to add it the error reads:

“Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission to add.”

Gonna mail tech support…

Newest error:

“Can’t add domain: Promotional and referral accounts are for new customers only. This domain was previously in our system and cannot be added to your promo or referred account. If you would like to upgrade to a full price plan, please contact support.”

I got a message back from support, sounds like the transfer can be done if I pay them the referral amount my Dad got a year ago? Not sure how that works, not worth it.

So it looks like that domain will have to go back on Dad’s account… he’s been a member since 2003 I think, and I created that site on his account in 2004.

Since I have my own Dreamhost account now and need to redesign the website, I thought I would make things easier and have everything on my account. Easily add email accounts, check stats, etc. Oh well. Thanks again for your help.

Ouch! Yeah, that’s what I was talking about in my response post;l I was afraid that might happen. :frowning:

It’s actually a shame, kinda - in the long run, DH would be gaining a log-term account, in this case, assuming that your Dad wasn’t planning on canceling his account, which is to their advantage, but I also understand why they felt like they need to do this.

There has been plenty of evidence on these forums of those scheming a way to "cancel’ and sign up again to gain a “continuous” promo code. Once again, we all “pay” for the actions of the scheming few. :wink: .

The good news is that DH accounts are very affordable, even without a promo code - the promo code is just gravy; a full price account is still a great deal.


Oh it’s definitely a good deal, and neither of us plan on cancelling anytime soon… when I signed up I was wishing there was a longer term plan than just 2 years.

And it was an honest referral, I could have just used his account and not spent any $$$ with DH… I mean seriously on my account I’ve only used 90 MB in 8 months and I have 231 GB available haha. But I really liked DH from using his account and discovering all the great features and reliability.