Can't acess panel since signup


I have a serious problem…
I can’t access my panel accessed it once when I signed up, and since day 3 (20 October) i can’t access the web panel.

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. tried my usual passwords. - didn’t work

  2. tried the password sent to me by email for the FTP account - didn’t work

  3. tried “Forgot Password” - didn’t work - I never received the email, and yes, I checked spam.

  4. tried 2 times - didn’t work, they never contacted me back or I did not receive any emails, I checked spam.

  5. tried 3 times - didn’t work, they never contacted me back or I did not receive any emails, I checked spam.

  6. tried contact page 2 times - didn’t work, they never contacted me back or I did not receive any emails, as always I checked spam.

  7. Contemplated the universe in search of an answer or password - didn’t work.

  8. Made this post in this forum expecting that someone will help me before I loose my F… mind.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance.


You chose a password when you signed up, on the first page. (It made you enter a new password twice.)

We’ve attempted to reply to your emails and support messages quite a few times. Please check your junk folder again, and make sure that there are no email filters configured on your GMail account that might be preventing you from receiving our email.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for the fast reply.

I tried the password I used for the register for with no success.

I have no filter on my messages, and your emails were added as a contact in gmail.

The thing is, I received email from the following emails:


but none concerning the lost password or automated password recovery emails subject or to any email i’ve sent you directly about this matter, I received forum emails, newsletter, CSI…

By the way I just received an email notifying me the my server is going to be upgraded to ubuntu, but nothing about my panel access.

Can you PLEASE solve this problem?

It looks like you’re using gmail, who can be notably daft (seriously, they keep filtering a email as junk/spam for me). Can you check the various gmail tabs to see if it’s hiding there?

Thanks again for the reply, and sorry for the trouble.

Well I checked and double checked by this point all areas of my gmail, tabs, spam, junk, updates, forums, promotions… and my own folders or tags, I found some email filtering for some angry ex-girlfriends (not really, just kidding.) and that is it, typed dreamhost, on the search box and the results only brought me the same emails.

I don’t know what else to do at this point.

Just as a comment, all of google’s attempts to add bells and whistles to gmail have consistently made it worse. Plus, they have removed the button which you could click to take you back to ‘basic view’.

HOWEVER there is still a way back to basic view which works.

(1) log in to gmail
(2) enter “” into the address bar
(3) near the top of the resulting screen, click on “Set Basic HTML as default view”.

What I’ll do if/when google succeed in removing basic view altogether, I simply don’t know.

Anyway, if you try this you’ll be able to more easily check whether you are in fact getting emails from dreamhost and if they are going into spam.

Thanks for the help, it’s easy to check for a specific email with this view, unfortunately, can’t see them emails when they are not there.

Thanks again.

Hello again,

I still can’t access my panel, therefore I have no other option than get in touch with someone directly and try and see if I can receive any emails.

Can someone please send me a PM with a direct contact, ou other means of communication besides email?


Thank you for contacting us back. I’m afraid we are not able to assist with security/password issues over the forums. You can contact our account verify team directly here and choose the “I’ve forgotten my passsword” option to get it over to them.

Matt C

I already did that and forgot to mention.

I sent that contact again, and waiting on a reply.


And I’m still waiting for access…
Or a response from you to come through email.

I want to cancel, I want my money back I lost all my pacience with this.

Please, take this seriously.

We keep sending you email :frowning: Can you check that gmail isn’t being a stupid idiot again and dumping us in your spam?

We’re definitely emailing you though!