Can't access wp-admin


So here’s the deal…I logged into my site yesterday w/ only a few hiccups. I imported my old site, installed some plug ins. Got back to work this AM and my site shows the DH “Under Construction” page, and I get a 404 error when I try to sign in to mysite/wp-admin.


I worked through this problem on my own and found the problem about the same time support emailed me back to tell me what the problem was. I created a user ID yesterday for a member of our org who is my backup in case I get hit by a bus. Somewhere in the procees of editing her permissions the whole site got turned over to her in the DH control panel. It was in between a few plug-in installs which created folder conflicts in WP. I transferred ownership of site back to myself in DH control panel. I was able to get to a login by opening a page in the WP Dashboard from my web history, and am in the process of fixing a broken plug-in (which is a bummer and will take an hour or two), but hope (expect) everything will be back online today.


Basically, you can only have one user pointing at a domain or sub-domain… two users can’t share the same files.