Can't Access Websites from Win XP Systems

A couple of months ago I moved all my websites from the “old” VPS systems to the new SSD VPS systems. This caused all my websites to move from the west coast data center to the east coast data center. Since this move, I’ve had a few users of many of my websites report they can no longer access my sites. After resolving many of the issues, it now appears users on Windows XP systems can’t access my sites since the move. I’ve had more than one user tell me they’ve tried to access my sites on various platforms (Win 7, Linux, Windows 8, XP, etc.) on different machines attached to the same router, and in every case, all machines will access my sites except for those running Windows XP. I’m dumbfounded as to what operating system-specific issue would cause this, but I’m hoping someone else may have seen this issue before. FYI, one of my sites in question is if you’d like to access it from an XP system and see if it works for you.

Your web site has the IP address; due to a really old bug in the Windows networking stack, many Windows XP systems cannot access web sites with IP addresses ending in “.0” or “.255”.

Ideally, your users should upgrade to a supported version of Windows (or to Linux, if they prefer); this issue doesn’t exist in Windows Vista or later, and Windows XP has passed its official end of life over a year ago, in April 2014.

That being said, we understand your site may have some users who have stubbornly refused to upgrade from XP (:(); if that’s the case, please contact DreamHost Support and we’ll get you a new address. Keep in mind this process will involve some downtime.


Thanks so much for your response. I’ve never heard of this before but I’ll definitely look into it this evening. I doubt I have many XP ‘holdovers’ using my site, so I haven’t spent a lot of time researching this. The user that contacted me about the issue this week was willing to spend some time helping me narrow down the problem, and that’s when we discovered it was XP-related. This user is actually an IT guy at a small electric coop and they still have lots of machines running XP.

Do you happen to know if Microsoft ever provided a fix for this? If not, I’ll contact DreamHost Support and get a new address.

Thanks very much.