Can't access website from browser


I have a domain and hosting from Dreamhost but when I enter the domain in a browser it says:
Server not found

Is there something I need to do? I can login the the account with an FTP program okay.

Can I use to access the website? That doesn’t come up with anything.

Is Dreamhost supposed to be this hard? My Internet provider’s website works fine.


people are a lot quicker to respond when you actually tell us what your domain name is instead of us having to rely on psychic powers. anyway there could be a few things wrong. first off, did you go to manage domains and add your domain name to be fully hosted? are all of your website files actually in the folder? how long has it been since you registered your domain and are the dns settings pointing to,, you can go to manage domains and create and make it a mirror of your domain name just to access the information before any dns changes kick in…

its not that dreamhost is hard. its more like you probably don’t know what you’re doing.


[quote=“Ryo-ohki, post:2, topic:56949”]its not that dreamhost is hard. its more like you probably don’t know what you’re doing.

Thank you for you reply. I don’t deny I probably don’t know what I’m doing, but Dreamhost was at fault. I’ll answer you questions anyway:

Yes, the domain name was there.

Yes, but there is a default parking page there anyway.

It’s been a few months now.

Yes, I never changed them.

As it turns out, I had also sent a support ticket about this to Dreamhost and they have fixed it, now the website comes up. However, it was frustrating that I had thought I was doing something wrong and kept going over the instructions given by Dreamhost, but they aren’t explicit enough because they didn’t cater for the situation that the website was setup properly and yet still didn’t work.