Can't access .tar bakup


This backup was made by the cron automatically.

The file shows is FTP, but I can’t access it. Chmod is 755. I tried 644 and 777 also. No go.




When you say you can’t access it, what specific error message do you get? Also, how big is it?

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That’s exactly the message you would get if your file was larger than 2 gigabytes in size. Apache at Dreamhost does not serve files larger than 2 gigabytes in size. You should be able to get it using SCP, though (WinSCP is a tool you could use on Windows to get it).

You should also probably know that this is a customer to customer forum, and your messages are not read by support staff; particularly your second message to this thread is thus just useless. If you want proper support from Dreamhost, write a message to their support team :wink:


It is 5GB. How would SCP work?

I know this isn’t to contact the company, but I needed help on x-max eve.

How would I grab the file from SSH on a diff. computer?


SCP is about the same as using FTP (or SFTP). I’d go with an FTP/SCP client and grab it. You’ll need the password to log in, though.



Well, standard scp would be something like

scp .

which would copy the file from your DH account to your home computer using the command line shell with an already-installed SCP. A far easier way would be using

WinSCP, which handles much like an FTP client and lets you browse your remote directories.

The username and password are the ones you defined in the DH panel for your users, the directories are the ones your site is in. I’m sure you’ll figure it out, especially with WinSCP or similar it’s not hard. FTP might work as well, though I am currently admittedly unsure as to whether the DH ftp daemon supports files larger than 2 gb in size; I know this for scp, however.


Thanks for the help.