Can't access svn

I can’t access any of my svn repos. Any operation via svn or svnadmin gives me an error about not being able to access the lock file. I submitted a support request but wanted to see if any one else is having issues. I haven’t touched my svn repos in about a month. Everything was working fine last time I checked. My basic config is:

Repo location: ~/svn/{repo1|repo2|repo3|…}
Permissions on most files are rw by me and the apache group.

You have any similar issues recently? Any ideas on how to resolve?


FYI/More info on this problemo…

I just created a new test repository and get the same issue so I doubt this is specific to me. Example Url here:

Here is the more detailed error…

[lemonhead]$ svn checkout file:///home/username/svn/Test20060924 .
svn: Unable to open an ra_local session to URL
svn: Unable to open repository 'file:///home/username/svn/Test20060924’
svn: Error opening db lockfile
svn: Can’t get shared lock on file ‘/home/username/svn/Test20060924/locks/db.lock’: No locks available

I haven’t heard back from support yet. Through google I found 2 reports of similar error messages but no resolution.

Update/solved: Dreamhost was able to fix this by remounting the file system my svn repo was on.