Can't access site via browser, nor SSH/FTP

Noticed today that all of the sites hosted under one of my usernames on my VPS are not available via HTTP, SSH, or FTP.

I have two sites that are under a different user on the same VPS and they are both still live at sites go, but I cannot connect to either of them via SSH or FTP.

I tried to create a PHP.INI file for the problematic username last night and that is the only thing I can think of that might be the issue.

Anyone else have an idea?

How can I delete the PHP.ini file I created without SSH or FTP access? Is there perhaps an issue with the hostname I am using?
Right now even a ping to the domains with issue times out.

Can I maybe make a cron job that deleted the file? it is in /home/usernamewithproblme/.php.ini

any help is greatly appreciated!

Did you open a ticket via the panel? I would, support should be able to get you back online quickly and let you know what you did wrong perhaps.

Thanks, I did submit a ticket and did live chat. Looks like it is a traffic issue (site is getting slammed) and not the INI file.