Cant access site/no email

transferring domain and registration to dreamhost
started Friday.

Registration transfer is in progress (confirmed)

‘mydomain’ is not real domainname

I know it will take up to 48 hrs (10pm Sunday night EST) for DNS changes to take place so not sure if I just need to wait or I need to do something else?

i am trying to understand if i am simply waiting for DNS changes to propagate or are there other things I should be doing.

We did not actually have a website up at previous hoster, just email, so website being down is not a big deal, but having all inbound email bounce is a big problem and it has been like this since Friday.

Previous Actions:
1)FTP’d website to Dreamhost. Setup mirror and tested. Removed mirror.

2)Set email to Google. Set up Email on google

3)Unhosted domain at previous hoster (was email only - no actual website)

  1. Unparked domain at previous hoster and set:
    Name Server: IP Address:
    Name Server: IP Address:
    Completed Friday 10pm EST.

5)Domain Registration Transfer in process

1)entering http://www.‘mydomain’.com yields previous hoster’s parking page (BAD)

  1. can access and send outbound email via (GOOD)

  2. site mail.‘mydomain’.com not found (BAD)
    site calendar.‘mydomain’.com not found (BAD)
    site docs.‘mydomain’.com not found (BAD)

  3. all inbound email to anyone @‘mydomain’.com yields bounce back (BAD)

any help appreciated on what ifa ny next steps I should take.



i just checked internic ( d it is still showing the old hosters name servers even though on the old hosters site it shows the nameservers as being updated to the dreamhost ones.

In that case it would appear to be a problem with the domain management script at the old host not updating their database with the new nameservers for DNS propagation. I’m currently suffering similar issues with this myself on a domain transfer - although in my case the management software at the old host simply errors out when attempting to update nameservers. First port of call would be to get in touch with your old Registrar and let their techs know you’re having an issue. Hope it gets sorted soon!

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