Can't access server through Filezilla

I just heard about the security breach and changed my user password.

I also updated Filezilla. Now I cannot connect to the server. I have checked the site setup in the wiki as it has been a long time since I initially set this up.

It is not working and it is showing a 530 Login incorrect error.

Not sure what to do now.


There is a time delay between submitting your change in the panel and the password change actually being made on the server. Could that be the problem?

How long is the time delay? I changed the password 30 minutes ago and still can’t log in.

Same for me except I use Transmit for FTP. I reset the pswd to what it was => could NOT connect via FTP. Was there any prohibition against that ?

I then changed the pswd to a modified one => again, could NOT connect via FTP (even to the havana server). Does it matter whether I log in to the server (as “havana”) or to the site (as “”) ?

I decided to change the pswd again to what it was initially (the one I will remember) => again I could still NOT connect via FTP. Is there any prohibition against using the old password ?

Is the password change the sole change that I need to implement ?

Is it suggested I should wait for a night ?

Could any problem result from resetting the password to what it was originally ? TIA

It finally worked for me. Took about two hours in case anyone is interested.

Also worked for me. Took about an hour since the moment I reverted to the original pswd. Not knowing why it fails and uncertainty about how to fix made it hard. Fundamentally, being patient is what it takes.

Dreamhost has spoken on the delay:

It might not be a good idea to be using the original pswd. I haven’t read much about the hacking, but the folks that did it might have access to your old password.

Can’t access server through Filezilla.
FileZilla is a crap, use WInSCP is Free and the BEST. I use Winscp about 5 years ago :smiley: and no problems !!
WinSCP support FTP, SFTP and SCP, i think is the best!