Can't access Quarantine folder

A client of mine is having fits because the junk filter is capturing mail, even stuff on her white list.
The problem is now compounded because we can’t access the quarantine folder. Support emailed that there was a bug and that it was now fixed. It’s not. we still can’t access it when we go to
We get an error
Not Found
The requested URL /plugins/plugins/amavisnewsql/quarantine.php was not found on this server.
(note the double “plugins” in the path)
The mail server is “sack”

Anyone else have this problem? Have you solved it?
Also we are getting all sorts of wacky color backgrounds everytime it refreshes or click a link.



I can get to the webmail2 and see that I have junk mail but clicking on it brings up the notice and a blank bottom half where the messages would be.
I like the filter and had set it up agressively but with the unannounced down time and now unavailable message monitoring I’ve dropped the filter till the beta bugs are eradicated.

I’m having the same problem. Haven’t been able to get to my quarantined messages for over two days, and now it says there are over 400. Since this started, I’ve been able to get to my wife’s quarantine and successfully liberate and whitelist a message.

My client and I both got separate email responses from tech support saying it was fixed, it’s not.
They told us to just type the path in without the buggy double /plugins/plugins/ in it and it would work - It doesn’t.
We did turn the filter off, but there are still 238 emails in limbo. Still waiting for my follow-up ticket to be responded to, hopefully with good news for a change.

Anyone getting wacky colors for their Squirrel mail backgrounds? Every time I click on something it changes to another weird color.


At least I’m not the only one… I’m up to 680 now…

We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

well, the quarantine folder is now totally gone. Not just empty – GONE!
I’m hoping it’s just turned it off while they fix it. I would hate to think those 280 emails - including orders- are gone forever.