Can't access phpMyAdmin

I think I may have made a minor cock-up. First of all hello. I’m a new “dreamhoster”. I just moved my Wordpress blog from another hosting service to here. Updated my DNS. Reuploaded my FTP files. Created a database incorrectly. Deleted it. Tried to recreate it. Anyway, turned out I had to change the name of the DB I was originally using because of that 5 day recovery thing.

That’s fine. I uploaded my previous SQL data fine and the site is now working fine.

I’ve tested virtually all the functions and it’s all good, ready to go.

The one problem I’m having is – it appears I can’t access my PHPmyadmin anymore. doesn’t even prompt me for my log in details.

I’m not entirely sure why. The DNS is correct. The database is working fine.

Sorry if this post is confusing – to be perfectly honest this is all new to me. I just want to get the site working as it was – and while it seems to be doing that I’m a bit curious why I can’t access my PHPmyAdmin.

Any help would be nice.

EDIT: Ok. This is now working fine. Can access the phpmyadmin without a problem. All new blog posts, comments, etc are all working.

Just have the below email problem.

Also - I had an email address with my previous host. Since changing Nameservers the email address no longer works – and even though I’ve created the same email address in the Dreamhost admin I can’t get it to work.

Knowing computers I’m sure I’ve missed out a stage here but… I’ve no idea what.

There appears to be some intermittent issues with DB connections at the moment.

Try again later :wink:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Sorry about my haste to post here. This is my first time with a new host – and the previous host was just a friend of mine who set everything up for me.

I’m happy everything is running fine now so all above posts can be ignored.

My final problem is with email. I have created my account and Outlook is connecting to it fine - however when I test the email account, the one area is stumbles on is sending a Test Message.

It tells me to verify the “email address field”. I am sure it’s correct. Is this just another case of waiting or have I done something wrong?

Does it actually send? I don’t use Outlook, but here are two wiki articles: (more descriptive)


Apparently it does now. I changed nothing but it’s working as far as I can tell.

Just to finally check could some be so kind as to drop me line on (you know which bit to remove).

Just put “Dreamhost” in the subject or something.

Greatly appreciate all your help here guys. I think I was hitting panic stations but… everything is running smoothly now and I’m a happy chappy.

Thanks guys.