Can't access phpmyadmin

Hi guys,

I can access my control panel, but when I go try to access phpmyadmin it gives me the old “Internet Explorer cannot display this page”.



I like Vegemite.

phpMyAdmin seems to be working fine here on my domains.

Do you get the username / password dialog before the error, or doesn’t it even get that far?

I guess you have tried the usual clear browser cache and restart browser procedure?


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply! I’ve tried clear cache/restart browser etc, yes. I’m trying to access phpmyadmin from the control panel, so I click on “Goodies”, “Manage MySQL”, and click on the “phpMyAdmin” link next to the hostname. As soon as I’ve pressed that link, it goes to the IE screen.

Watto :slight_smile:

I like Vegemite.

Is it one that was working, then stopped? Or is it a new database/hostname?

If it’s new, it might just take awhile to be setup – but if it’s one that was previously working, you should probably contact support.

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Ok, will do - it used to work.


I like Vegemite.