Can't access my web files


Greetings Everyone!

I have not accessed my Dreamhost account and domains in, err…too long . So long that I forgot how to access my files?

I can log into my panel and see all of my domains, but when I click on WebFTP or FTP all I can see are the directories LOGS and MAILDIR. I do not see my .com domain file structures?! My website is still there (well one of the domains, and the other still has a hold page).

In my confusion, I even created a new user, but in WebFTP I see only the two folders mentioned. I can, however, upload files into the FTP Host directory.

I am not sure what I am missing here…can anyone help???



go to manage domains in the panel, and look at the user listed to the right of those buttons. You need to be loggin in to ftp with that user.


Thank you for such a quick response! You know I think you are on to something in that I feel lost in a sea of usernames/passwords.

In my panel under domains I see "fully hosted / User (one of my usernames)

When I click on WebFTP I fill in my .com as host, then that username, then the password (I think)…I get this red box that fades in then out that reads "cannot login to FTP with user username.

I imagine this is a “wrong password or username” error, but it doesn’t tell me which I have wrong and in the upper part of the screen it says “Logged in as username”.

Lastly (sorry to be a pain) what goes in the host field? My .com or an IP or the fully http://?



the .com domain name goes in host…

If you haven’t logged in since like January 21st the password has been changed on you… they reset everyone’s after a security breach. go to manage users and change it.


Boom there it is!!! Thank you thank you, I had not logged in since January and I thought I changed a gazillion passwords, but I tried it after your suggestion…I am in.

Am I right to be confused about the passwords? Is there a different password for the panel v the FTP v the forum discussions (and even statistics for the website?)

Is there an overview of this somewhere??



yea, almost all things have their own password, it gets more confusing as users name things the same. like if your stats user is the same as your web user and thats the same as your email user… but there all different passwords.

this page is not very good, it could use work, but confirms for you:


You have no idea how simple you made accessing the ftp server for a complete newbie. Many Thanks!

Yes I know I wasn’t the one that posted this question you so eloquently answered, but that is the whole idea of forums? Search and the answer need not be asked!