Can't access my subdomain

I have created a new subdomain, , and installed a genealogy script in it. I can access it by FTP and I ran setup and uploaded a GED file and it functions OK but when I type in the URL in another browser tab I get a “Sorry, the website cannot be found” error.

Also I assumed the subdomain was just another directory off the main one, but when I access using my FTP winSCP the subdirectory is not there. Only when I use winSCP to access it is there along with my uploaded file.

can someone help me?

  1. A subdomain can belong to a different user in the DreamHost panel. This means you’ll FTP in as a different user and it’s won’t be paired with the main domain. This is NOT how I do mine.

  2. If you like to keep them together, go back to the Panel and Edit that subdomain so it belongs to the same user as the main domain. I believe it’ll copy the files over. If not, you’ll have to do it manually.

So that’s Part 1 of the problem – the directory structure.

Part 2: Do 1xxx5 and 3yrd both belong to you? They don’t resemble each other. Regardless of FTP directory structure, the subdomain should work properly. Sometimes it takes a little while before DNS and everything catches up.

[2] I don’t know where you got from. I didn’t mention it in my post and it’s on godaddy servers not dreamhost.

Everything seems fine now.

Maybe there’s something in the configuration referencing that other website.

As for where the directories are, double check the DreamHost panel under Manage Domains and check the “Web Hosting” column to see what the User: is for your main domain and your subdomain.

Again "I don’t know where you got from. I didn’t mention it in my post and it’s on godaddy servers not dreamhost."
Were did you get that information?

OOPS! Sorry, I see where you got from! my error I guess I was really confused thanks for helping out, sorry I misunderstood!

You’re welcome. I’m glad it’s all working now.

Same problem for me but it’s working now thanks to you Sdayman. :slight_smile: