Can't access my site

I can’t access my website, are you guys doing any maintenance at the moment ? I am on server “marge” !!!

The only mention I see of ‘marge’ on the site refers to them temporarily disabling cron on a bunch of servers.

I should note that this is primarily a customer to customer forum. While the DreamHost folks do post here on a semi-regular basis, it is not the best place to resolve such issues.

If your site is still down, I suggest lodging a support request via the panel.


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Do it quick while it’s still down or you’ll feel double-plus stupid.


just found out after my first post here is not the proper support area, there was a outage on the server and fixed 10 mins later.

the bad things I got notification said my site has been disabled because some illegal material…it’s crazy…what happened to me on this pre-X’mas period ?

That sucks. I hope you get it worked out soon.