Can't access my admin.php script



I changed over my server to and now I can’t access my admin.php script. My site name is and it has a database with search capability. It also has banners that currently can not be displayed. If I activate the banners, the search function disappears. Any ideas.


I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to give us a bit more inforation if you want any help. Tell us what you’ve done so far, and how things arn’t working. Don’t be general, like “banners don’t work” instead saying something like my “php script that sends a random banner on each page load isn’t working properly beucase I have borken images.” If you can, give us links so we can see for our selves.



Looking at your source code, I see a lot of tags. Meaning your php script is not stoping after that tag. To my knowledge multiple ending html tags are not allowed.
I also see referenced links in your javascript, I was led to beleive that links in java script is to be absolute. But then I could be wrong on that one.


Did you install everything that was on your old site straight over to your DreamHost site? If you did, did you adjust your database settings in your php script to use the DreamHost hostname way of connecting your database?

How did you upload the data to your new home? Perhaps some data was corrupted by a wrong data setting during ftp?

How long ago did you do the transfer? Sometimes it takes a while for everything to mesh.