Can't access FTP

I’ve just been given access to this account by a previous webmaster - have his username and password, and can log in to the admin panel just fine. He had pointed the DNS towards something called, and I’ve been asked to post a new 1 pager temporary site to replace the Weebly mess. I’ve removed those DNS entries and restored defaults. Now I think I should be ready to access FTP and upload my new files. I’m new to Dreamhost, but I’ve used Hostway and MediaTemple for years. Basic FTP login is failing for me and I can’t figure out why.

On Fetch (Mac FTP client), I’m told that the ftp. mydomain .com directory does not exist. No idea what that’s about. Through Dreamhost, I’ve tried ftp. mydomain .com, as well as mydomain. dreamhost .com, plus username/password credentials that I used to log in to my account (only user credentials associated with the account). No luck at all.

What am I missing? This has always been cake on the dozens of hosting accounts I’ve managed in the past. Any help much appreciated.

Access to the Web Panel is not the same as access to a user, mailbox, or database user - all are separate, separate sets of credentials.

Check to ensure the domain is “Fully Hosted” under Domains -> Manage Domains in the Web Panel.

See FTP Security and Getting your FTP Login Credentials - you should avoid using FTP. If the user is not confirgured to allow FTP ensure your client is using SFTP.