Can't access FTP

I was in the middle of upgrading my website. I was renaming a few folders… and it started to slow down… and get slower…

And now I can’t access my site via FTP at all… and my website is all in pieces because I can’t upload anything… :frowning:

Mail still works, and I can access… but I can’t use FTP. I’ve tried with WSFTP and with Dreamweaver’s FTP upload console.

Any clues as to what is going on? It’s 6:23 EST where I am.

D’oh. I didn’t catch the announcement. Another DoS attack today. Could this be preventing me from accessing my FTP site?

Yes, the DoS attack certainly could have affected your FTP session. I should think it’s over now so you should be able to use it normally again.


Is this still in affect? Cause I cannot log into my FTP for And I can’t even ping it i already changed the whois infomation and it’s all updated… can someone from Dreamhost help me with this? Is there a number i can call?


What do you mean, can’t ping? Does ping not give you an error message? Does nslookup or dig resolve the hostname to an IP address, and if so, does the IP address resolve back to a DreamHost server?

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Ok it works now, and i ment i couldn’t get a reply from pinging it!