Can't access file(403 error) dir is accessable tho

i can’t access this file:
even tho i can access other files in that directory no problem. all files in the directory have the same owner and permissions.

only thing i can think of is it’s the file’s size, it’s 3.79GB, but i had a wmv of about 2 gigs a while back that caused no problems. i tried changing the file extension in case that was a problem but it didn’t help. i really have no idea what the problem could be, just taking guesses.

Could it be something in your .htaccess file (if you have one)?


i’d thought about that but there’s no htaccess file. there was, it was just this:

ErrorDocument 404 missing.html

which absolutely doesn’t work anyways, but i deleted it to be sure and it doesn’t help.

Apache can handle files less than 2 GiB - to be more specific, 2,147,483,648 bytes, or 2.14 gigabytes.

The error.log file should indicate if the problem occurs because of the filesize. And if it does you should contact support and see what they say about their build of Apache. Large file support depends on how Apache is compiled and operating system support, so you won’t be able to fix the issue yourself.

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i figured that was the prob. i’ll contact support about it.
looked in the logs,:

(75)Value too large for defined data type: access to /e3xperience.wmv.test failed