Cant access e-mail or the panel after recieving a request to authorise an unknown ip?


I’m hoping someone from Dreamhost will read this because I’ve been trying to contact support since 1pm (UK) yesterday.

My panel got hacked last week where someone registered domains using my account and deleted my all my database content, this has now been resolved, passwords changed, databases restored etc and I also added the IP authorisation during login to improve security.

I had an e-mail yesterday stating:
“We’ve recently received a request to allow to access your acccount.”

This was not me? I traced the IP address to somewhere in Indonesia?!

Then the e-mail address I use to login to my dreamhost panel pops up saying please enter password? I re-enter my password without success, even tried the webmail incase it was outlook, I then try to log in to the panel and it says incorrect username or password?

So I now am unable to re-set the password because I can’t access my e-mail, and I am unable to change the e-mail password because I cant log in to my panel!

My next issue is trying to contact dreamhost support, it appears because i’m not contacting them from the e-mail address that it linked to my account they cant help? I’ve sent one through the contact form on the site also, but had no response either?

Hope someone can help?!


It sounds as though the email address associated with your account is on a domain controlled by your account. That’s a very fragile way of operating, it’s a bit like keeping the spare key to a box inside the box.

Anyway, your final remark “I’ve sent one through the contact form on the site also, but had no response either?” is worrying. Please can you confirm that they have got back to you by now. A post like this shouldn’t just be left hanging.


Thanks for the reply, I had never thought about it like that but can see your point! A lesson learnt I can assure you.

No, still no repsonse! So no e-mail and still can’t access my account, I’m tempted to sign up for the 2 week free trial just so I can contact support through an account! What do you think?


I think, get a free gmail account and use it to send email to


I’ve already sent e-mails from another address to support@ and abuse@ with no response?


How did the intruder register domains on your account? … did you have pre-paid credit, or did they manage to use your credit card? And did they then transfer the domains somewhere else? I thought that this could not be done immediately. Maybe you could recoup your losses by writing a web detective story thriller.


This isn’t the issue here, that problem has been and gone… The issue is that I cant login to the panel and can’t access the e-mail that is linked to my account and dreamhost aren’t helping?!!