Can't access anything


I just signed up to Dreamhost and chose the two week free trial period, but git billed for my domain name. However it won’t let me access anything and it does not say that I have a domain name or hosting plan. I am really confused. It says my account is pending, do I have to pay the whole 12 months before I can even start? if so thats not much of a free trial -.-


As I understand it you only have to pay for your domain name until the end of the two week free trail period, and if you do pay for a domain name you get credited for it when you do pay for your complete year plan at the end of the free trial (since all plans include one free domain name.)

Dreamhost does have some fraud checks built into the beginning of the 2 week free trial tho, and I believe those can be more rigorous depending on what region of the world you are registering from.

I can also tell you from what I’ve seen in this forum from time to time, that if you need manual intervention from the dreamhost team to move off the pending status that will not happen on the weekend.