Can't access admin or other panels from website

Okay the site is back up. when I log in as user1 I “shold” be able to access Drupal panels ala the videos at “learn by the Drop.” There are no panels displayed having to do w/ acct admin. I also tried but received an Oops! Google Chrome could not find and a 404 Not Found msg for

At this point I do not know how to access the admin and other panels from the website. I thought this was how it’s done but I guess not. This is a one-click installation of Drupal. Is there a difference btween one click and manual instal as to how you access maintenance and admin feaures.

As stated in a prior post some pages have an “edit” button for changing text content but that’s all.

Am I working w/ a “loked” site that cannot be changed? I don’t know enuff to move forward but I’m trying. Your help is appreciated