Cannot write: Disk quota exceeded


Hi. I just joined Dream Host… Sounded like a dream deal, 8 bucks a month and you get 20 GB of starge. I have a site that host podcast and I needed more storage. So I made the jump.
But as I was transferring my data, It seems that somehow now my account maxed out at 20 MB and I can not upload my files anymore… it was giving me “Close Error” and “Socket Write:” error on my ftp software (I use mac so I was using Transmit) but when I tried the same with scp from the command line, it complains…

Cannot write: Disk quota exceeded

I am not sure if this is somehow my mistake or some kind of “gotcha” in the account… I realized now that there is “Automatically Increases Weekly By: 160 MB”

in the plan page… Is this mean I only have 20 MB now and after a week i will have 180 MB?

In the Panel’s “Disk Usage” I did find this:
Total Provided: 20160.000 MB ($0.10 / MB over)
3 Day Avg: 14.590 MB
Currently: 19.824 MB

I think this looks like I still have about 20000MB Disk space available. Can someone help? I’ve already switched over teh DNS and now my site is broken…

Thanks for any advise.


Added: I guess I should have posted this in the General Troubleshooting area.
Also I’ve noticed that there is a 530 open request in the Support request. Is this normal? or dreamhost experienceing some difficulty? Anyways, I would really appreciate any help/info on this matter…

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In the control panel, go into the “Users” then “Manage Users”… edit your user name and you’ll see an option for the disk quota.

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Thank you,
Quota was unchecked, but I jsut checkied that and added Restrict disk usage to 20000 MB.

Maybe thsi will solve the probelm?

Thank you every much for your post. I was running out of my options…


If the quota thing doesn’t fix it, it may be there’s somekind of an error on the server you’re on. You’ll need to contact support, and they’ll sort things out.

But don’t worry, you get all of the disk space they advertize - that amount that it grows every week is on top of the starting amount.



As matttail said, there appears to something wrong on your particular server, or perhaps there was some error during the creation of your account. Your best option is to contact support (as I believe you have already done).

No, you will start with the full 20GB and this will grow at a rate of 160MB per week. It is a kind of ‘loyalty bonus’, the longer you stay at DreamHost, the more disk space and bandwidth you get. :slight_smile:

Most of the times I’ve looked, this number is around the 400 figure. However, given the size of DreamHost’s customer base (around 200,000 hosted domains), I would consider this normal.

The few times I’ve had to contact support for general enquiries, the response has been around 24 hours. In the event of a server outage, I use the ‘Is the system down?’ function of the Web panel and the response is much quicker.


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Thank you everyone, after I tried joon’s suggestion it seemed to be ok… and now support e-mailed me basicly saying “looks like you have 70 MB in your account so I assume you’ve solved the problem” I hope there isn’t a server problem. Thank you everyone for kind words.