Cannot view login page or wordpress site at ALL

I received an email from Dreamhost after following the steps for the Dreamhost One-Click Installation for Wordpress.
"” is the link I am trying to get to, but when I click it, I am directed to a blank white page.

My domain is (which I also can’t see, it just takes me to a Namecheap page that says “The domain owner may currently be creating a great site for this domain. Please check back later!”) and I am being hosted by Dreamhost.

I have already cleared my cache & cookies. I have already tried a different browser. I have also reset my browser. I can only view these webpages by using which is NOT ideal… I had to do the first step ( through kproxy because I can’t see my site in any browser. Help please!

The most confusing part is that the support person I spoke to via DreamHost said that he could see my site just fine. And so can other people in the forums on other help sites. Why can’t I see it?

Here is the conversation between myself and the DreamHost Live Chat Support after I told him what was wrong:
[color=#1E90FF]gary: at 17:22:16[/color]
[color=#1E90FF]so, right now, you get no user/pass screen at ?[/color]
[color=#708090]Danielle: at 17:22:40
Blank white screen :([/color]
[color=#1E90FF]gary: at 17:23:39
i’m getting the login box for it, so that is strange.
gary: at 17:23:48
definitely something local to where you are, then
gary: at 17:23:58
and you have done all your cache and cookie clearing?[/color]
[color=#708090]Danielle: at 17:25:48
[color=#1E90FF]gary: at 17:27:00
well… i cannot reproduce the issue. The server demonstrates that it is fine.
gary: at 17:27:10
[color=#708090]Danielle: at 17:27:34
what should i do?[/color]
[color=#1E90FF]gary: at 17:31:07
you can look at dreamhost support forums here:
gary: at 17:31:16
you can try from another computer
gary: at 17:31:21
you can restart your router and
gary: at 17:31:25
if necessary call your isp[/color]
[color=#708090]Danielle: at 17:31:32
what is isp
Danielle: at 17:31:34
im sorry[/color]
[color=#1E90FF]gary: at 17:31:33
so they can flush their dns cache[/color]
[color=#1E90FF]info: at 17:34:13
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.[/color]

Help me please.

You might try flushing your local dns
fyi, i can see your site as well, it seems your having local DNS caching, did you try to force a server refresh with ctrl-f5?

Thank you, my problem has been solved! I restarted my router.