Cannot view JPG images

I recently purchased webhosting and a domain name and seem to be having difficuly getting my images to show up. I’ve built a placeholder page for the site while I work to get it fully functional and have poured over the code to make sure that all my I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

I placed my index.html in my public folder and the header I designed was placed in The html code shows the following:

What leads me to believe that this isn’t the issue is the fact that I can visit, click on the image link and still be unable to view the image. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I have uploaded these files using both WebFTP and FileZilla. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Same problem here!
I opened a support ticker 3 hours ago!
I have also noticed downtime!
It’s my first day with DreamHost and I am not feeling really satisfied!

It looks to me like there’s something wrong with your image. When I go to your page and click properties for the image, it shows File size 0 kb.

It seems that they are both 33k, not 0!
My site is down again!

They show 33k on the directory page but when I select the image and do a properties on it, it shows unavailable file size. I have been trying different things to attempt to troubleshoot the issue so at any given moment there may be picture file there or not.

I have also tried a jpeg image that I downloaded from the web and the results are the same. I’m about to go crazy!

I have tried to change the format of my pictures!
I have also tried software ftp as well as the webftp for uploading!
There must be a problem on the server!
In which server are you?

I’m on

I think I can rest easy for now since I have just found out this is not an isolated incident and it is a server issue. I just found a post about it here:

Yes, the problem is solved!
However I keep having problem when trying to upload files! I get a message that it’s a read only directory!