Cannot send mail

I’ve had no problem in the past sending e-mail, it just seemed to suddenly stop working. With Outlook, when trying to send an e-mail I get the following:

Task ’ - Sending’ reported error (0x80042109) : ‘Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’

Your ISP probably started blocking port 25 because a lot of users act as spam zombies.

Just switch the port number to port 587 which DreamHost setup for just this reason.

I’ve tried port 587 to no avail. I have also contacted my ISP (Rogers) and they told me they do not block ports, especially 25.

I was having trouble sending mail the other day too. Maybe it was July 3rd. I don’t remember. But, it started working again after a little while when I came back to it.

It’s not working again right now. There seems to be a problem.

My mail server is listed as being murdock. I don’t know if that makes any difference.

It is a port 587 issue as I changed mine to 25 and it works.

Hopefully they will fix this soon!

No, its not a port number issue, because now it’s working again. It’s some other problem and I’m sure it will be back again, and the next time it won’t be a port issue either.

But, thanks for trying.

[quote]I’ve had no problem in the past sending e-mail, it just seemed to suddenly stop working.


Same here on certain addresses e.g. the DH SMTP server just hangs. To other addresses it succeeds. Other SMTP servers succeeds. I’ve asked Support.

Now mail is down completely. I cannot send or receive. It’s not a timeout anymore, it’s a different problem. The password is not accepted on any of my accounts. And of course port 587 doesn’t help.

Same here… mail has been up and down all day. Sometimes a message gets sent no problem other times it just times out :frowning:

I can receive, but haven’t been able to send for hours

Same here: seemed to hang for a while a couple of days ago, and has hung for a while a couple of times today. (Currently hanging now, at 7pm CST.)

So, how often do you guys see this?

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Down again, can’t send.

hcbb: I haven’t had this happen before, today is the first time.

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I haven’t had a problem before a few days ago, but today has been pretty bad. I’m down some five hours after my previous message. I can’t say whether I’ve been down the entire evening though. (I haven’t tried to send messages.) So, I’m either at the third outage (that I’ve noticed) today, or a really long second outage. Either way, it’s troubling.

Well, Support says “Your ISP could be the cause.” Which ISTM is nonsense since as the logs I sent showed them, the failing server is “”. What server name do others find logged?

Can’t send mail again. Not a time out, but it doesn’t like my password… The password was correct hours ago and I have not changed my password. And, yes, I tried both ports.

Same problem here… not been able to send mail for a few hours… have been having intermittent “Queue file write error” messages now my password just gets rejected… had a few other people i have given email accounts to report the same thing so its not localised to my ISP and the people reporting this and myself are in different countries.

I filed a support ticket nearly 19 hours ago but not had a resposne yet… would be good if someone from support could even acknowledge there is a problem and that they are working on it.

I was unable to send to any address this morning due to SMTP Login failure, but now it is working.

And now it is not. :frowning:

535 Error: authentication failed

POP is working well but none of my two DH accounts can SMTP mails since today.
Not a question of 587 or 25 or whatever. I tried everything I could think of.

Well… today… I am 9hours ahead of DH so lets talk of MY today :slight_smile:

I took a support ticket. (Some hours ago but … see above)
I am very confident. They are gonna fix it. They are good at DH.
Best support I’ve ever seen.