Cannot see updates on web

Hi All,

Ok, I’m going a little batty this morning… I uploaded changes to my site. I can see the changes on the server - but not on the web…?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


!) Clear you cache(s)?

  1. Make sure your changes are uploaded to the correct directory?

  2. Is there a URL we can visit to see what we see?


Yes, I cleared all caches and am fairly sure I am uploading to the correct directory.

I can see changes here: Index of

But cannot see them on the web:

I feel so clueless! Thanks for any help…

Well, as I don’t have that password, I can’t check for sure via the FTP link, but from what you just described, it seems pretty likely that you may have uploaded the changes to your “base” user directory (the directory you end up in when you connect via FTP) instead of to your “web base” directory (

the directory you are in “by default” when you connect via FTP is:


and within that directory you should find a directory named, which has the following path:


Of course, that is assuming you have not changed the “default” DH practice of assigning a domain’s directory based on it’s name in the Control Panel.

What FTP client are you using to upload? WHen you connect via FTP, you should first change the remote directory to the directory before uploading your files. Only fileswithin or beneath that directory will be visible from the web.


Yes, thanks… I think I must have uploaded them to the base directory… my remote directory was wrong. Do I need to move them and if so, how do I do that?

I am using Dreamweaver.


Well, I don’t use DreamWaver for uploading, so I’m not sure of the exact keystokes (though I’m sure someone here will know).

You don’t really need to “move them”, just re-upload them to the “remote directory”, and then delete them from your “base” directory.

For this, I recommend using a traditional FTP client. There is a good list of “freely available” clients (and other useful FTP information) on the DH Wiki.


i use dreamweaver…but on a mac

here is remote server info

Access: FTP
FTP Host: