Cannot see transferred domains

Hello everyone - I’ve transferred 2 domains from a friend’s DH acct. I see them listed on my Manage Registered Domains page, fully hosted, locked. Transfer fees paid. I go to Manage Domains page, I do not see them listed under Hosted Domains. I click Add Hosting to a Domain/Subdomain. I input necessary info, submit info, and it jumps me back to Manage Domains page with an error that says “You can’t add that domain; already in our system.”
Still doesn’t show up at Manage Domains page and also not showing up when using FTP.

Once a domain has been hosted on a particular Panel User account it is locked to that account and can not be hosted from a different Panel user. To rectify the situation you’ll need to contact support and request that system hosting rights be manually transferred to the new Panel User account.

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