Cannot see my site after upload

I have read thru many similar posts, but cannot find a solution.

my site is

I use dreamweaver to upload files, but all I see is the quickstart.html file. I tried editing that quickstart file, but do not see the changes; I also uploaded a index.html file, which is supposed to superscede the quickstart file, but nothing changes.

I have this setup in Dreamweaver:
server name:
root directory: /public_html/
web url:

I have tried a number of variations, but cannot see anything.
I suspect it is something simple… but what?

Please help this newbie!


That’s the problem. Dreamhost doesn’t use that in its file structure. Some other hosts do.

This wiki page:
Seems to indicate that should be your domain name, they make it look confusing tho because they used a dreamhosters sub-domain in the example.

I had tried following the setup suggested there, and it didn’t work.
I went back to it again…

server name:
root dir:
web url:

and on my dreamhost panel, edited web directory: /home/username/
(I think this is where I had the error to start).

Now it is working!
Thanks LakeRat.