Cannot say I am too excited about them

I am currently doing updates to my site and it’s taking me much longer than I had expected. The reason has been the delay in response from the support team at Dreamhost. If you email them they will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours. Unfortunately, when you are working on something critical it’s totally inefficient when you can’t speak to someone immediately and resolve the problem within an hour or so. Twenty four hours, who has that time to wait for an answer and you better hope they answer your question otherwise you will have to wait another 24 hours for them to respond again. It takes way too long and they don’t have phone support, which really sucks.

You better send emergency support ticket in your control panel. It would get better response time.

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You could always pay for a higher level plan with a certain number of phone callbacks built-in to the plan…

L3 allows 3 phone callbacks, I believe.

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I think DH should get Live Chat Support System for emergency and critical issues. Customers having a critical issue will send a emergency ticket and will request for live chat. Then depending on how critical the problem is,the support team will decide is it really needed live chat or not. I think existing customers should suggest (seriously) through the Suggestion feature of DH.

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Live chat wouldn’t be much different than offering phone support. Way too many customers to offer that at these prices. Unless they do like a lot of hosts: advertise it as a selling point, but leave it offline so customers end up using the ticket system anyway.

Besides, if someone has time to respond to live chat, they have time to answer a ticket. If you have to go back and forth with tickets, it means you’re not including enough info in your first one.

What most people here call mission-critical really isn’t anyway. I can’t think of anything mission-critical that would be run from a <$10/month shared hosting account.

I think Dreamhost offers what they do, for the prices they have, because they have targeted a specific share of the market. Their huge success isn’t the result of unhappy customers.

Suggesting they do the opposite of what they’re doing is pointless. It would be like going to a $40/month host with 24/7 phone support and asking them to drop prices to $9/month and offer unheard of disk space and bandwidth limits because Dreamhost does.

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What are the exact problems you’re having? Support isn’t there for script help, hand-holding, etc… So, if your tickets aren’t directly related to a problem on their end, I wouldn’t expect a quick reply.

If you’re having trouble with a script or coding issue, you’re probably better off asking here in the appropriate forum category.

You can also find an answer to many questions in the wiki.

Every single person that signs up with the host that offers the most goodies for the lowest price.

I’ve never run into that problem. You need to include every piece of important information in the first ticket. Be specific.

This is not how a support conversation should go:

Customer: My site doesn’t work.
DH Support: Which site? What doesn’t work?
Customer: I get errors.
DH Support: What errors? What are you doing when you get them?

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