i renewed my domain a week ago, but it must not have gone thru (mercury retrograde for reals), b/c i got an e.mail at 3AM 1/19/16 that it had expired.

it has a link to reinstate it, but dreamhost has a security thing on their site when you log in that says your IP address must be verified. both my computer and phone both get this message when clicking the link to login/renew.

the only way to get the IP auth is to have an e.mail sent to your primary address w/ the account. i am not receiving e.mail (due to the domain shutdown) at this address.

i googled a brea, CA phone number for dreamhost and have left a message… it was a business number (714-706-4182), not customer service.

do you have any idea of any other way to reach them?

been a dreamhost customer for going on 10 years… domain/hosting.


i renewed my domain a week ago, then received an e.mail at 3AM today (1/19/16) that it was not renewed and was turned off.

I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP — i have multiple projects going and not having e.mail all day is a deal breaker :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i have had this domain and hosting with dreamhost for upwards of a decade… i renew it every january and this year was no different.

no idea why this has happened, i honestly don’t care. just need a way to login to my account and renew it again, which is currently not possible since the IP AUTHORIZATION login step requires you to confirm a link sent to your e.mail (and that primary e.mail is my dreamhost domain/e.mail that is down during this renewal issue).

i have tried contacting customer support and got a reply from DEAN. i wrote back but have not gotten a response for the last couple hours.


please help me login so i can renew… whether we change my primary e.mail to a or if you can renew it from your end, or other… i’m here awaiting instructions.



To any new people who are reading this thread: this is why you NEVER set your primary email account with Dreamhost to a DH email address (or even to a work or school email). Always use Gmail, Yahoo, or some other reliable third-party email provider. It would not be a bad idea to add a second or even third email address, as well:

@kjodle def lesson learned. it never affected me until they started the IP AUTH login, but i see your point regardless.

do you know how to get dreamhost customer support to reply to a forum thread?

since this happened yesterday, i’ve tried reaching out to them on facebook, twitter, this forum, and an e.mail portal that the twitter referred me to (that didn’t require a log in to work). a friend who is also a customer also ping’d them in chat, but that dept can’t help.

my e.mail has been down for over 24 hours, even though i renewed my domain a week early – i’ve renewed on time for going on 10 years. this gliltch is on dreamhost’s end, and i would LOVE their help to resolve it.

any tips on how to get a DH admin to reply to a thread? thx in adv!

Nope. Have you tried reaching out to them on Twitter @DreamHostCare ?